Construction Project Management Services

Let’s unlock the potential of your project with reliable and attention to detail Construction Project Management Services. Delta Gulf Overseas has an expert and professional team that excel at turning your dream project into reality with successful planning, overseeing, and execution at every step.


Our internationally recognized and experienced project managers use their in-depth knowledge to manage the cost, quality and time of your construction project.


The highly qualified teams understand the every aspect of your project meticulously and infuse a fresh and creative perspective in your architectural project.


At the core of our management lies innovative and seamless expertise in delivering the project with top-notch planning & executing within prescribed time.

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Delta Gulf Overseas is the best Oman Project Management and Development Company in the town, reaching new heights of success with exceptional expertise in the industry.

We fully acknowledge that a successful project is borne out of painstaking consultation and management services. Given its importance, we specialize in offering project and construction management services of varying sizes and types. Our expert project managers understand that every project has a unique objective to fulfill and every phase of the project demands technical requirements. At Delta Gulf Overseas, our key to successful client retention lies in understanding clients’ project and financial requirements.
With open and collaborative communication channels with the customers, our team of experts understands their priorities and delivers the project on time and within budget. From the initial consultation, planning the design and logistics to the execution of the plan, our consultation and project management team synergize with architects, designers, and contractors, turning our client’s vision into reality.

Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management

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Our Exclusive Construction Project Management Services

When it comes to planning, designing, executing, and overseeing the best architectural services, our firm is the talk of town due to our highly skilled staff and remarkable expertise.

CPM Scheduling Services

Looking for a trustworthy firm that can help you in scheduling the CPM Services? Get in touch with us! We will prepare, analyze, and update the baseline schedule for your project progress.

Primavera Scheduling

Are you exploring a reliable platform to avail of Primavera Scheduling Services? Avail of our services now. We offer planning and analysis of your project schedule with the latest software.

Labor Productivity Claims

The Success of project completion depends on labor productivity. With our top-notch services, you can estimate loss and gain labor productivity.

Change Order Impact

We also facilitate our customers with Change Order Services after assessing the change in the project scope and will also analyze the Impact of this change order.

Risk Management

Evaluating the potential risks in the project and identifying and implementing the procedures to reduce the impacts of risk.

Window Delay Analysis

With the well-recognized Window Delay Analysis Technique,  let’s assess the impact of delays in the project schedule over time.

Time Impact Analysis

Assessing and predicting the impact of the delays on the completion date of the project  to overcome the delays & barriers.

Schedule Delay Analysis

Avail of our Schedule Delay Analysis services to find out the extent of impact of delays on the progress of project schedule.

Microsoft Project Scheduling

Identifying each activity and its dependencies and breaking down each work into doable tasks by employing Microsoft Project Scheduling.

Acceleration Claims Consultants

Finding out the operational inefficiencies in your project & rectifying them under the expertise of the Acceleration Claims Consultants.

We’ll Handle the Architectural Project Management Services For You!

Besides Construction Project Management, we are committed to delivering Architectural Project Management Services for your architecture project. We can manage your architecture project at any scale across all sectors, offering full services from design planning & consultancy to the execution and completion of the project in commercial and residential domains.
Our trained and certified team, from the start, understands the client’s requirements and concerns and delivers top-of-the-quality services from inception to completion. We have earned the trust of our customers by delivering ingenious designs and techniques to turn your architect into a timeless beauty. For further details about our designs and consultation services, get in touch with us now!

Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management

Top Rated Project Consultants

Our highly skillful consultants with years of hands-on experience will give you peace of mind regarding the seamless handling of your project.

We are a Top-Ranking Firm with Well-Versed Consultants

If you are looking for reputable consultancy firm, known for offering the construction and Architectural Project Management Services, don’t hunt further! Delta Gulf Overseas is here at your service! Our professional and well-versed project managers and consultants are the shining stars of the firm. At every step of the project management, they develop close working relationship with the customers and provide the best solutions in line with their requirements. By following the principles of commitment, integrity and result-oriented approach, they maintain the sanctity of the clients.

We Offer Customized Project Management Solutions For Your Project!

Every project has unique requirements. Therefore, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all projects. Most of the consultancy firms fail to offer customized options for projects across different sectors.
To our clients’ relief, this is where we stand out. Our custom solutions take into account the project types, team capabilities, and management requirements. Whether you want services regarding planning & strategy, project briefing, risk management, or different types of scheduling, we can cater to you professionally. Let us help you in making your project worthy of appreciation!

Cost Estimation and Management Services

At Delta Gulf Overseas, we believe that the cost estimation is important for the completion of project within its scope and timeline. We are expert in offering our clients comprehensive cost estimation including both direct and indirect costs of the project. Our experts collect the quotes & material cost and analyzes the financial status and labor productivity. In the case of any confusion, we also offer cost consultation and management to our clients at both pre-contract and post-contract stage. So they can make informed decisions.

We offer Safety and Risk Management Services

It is a fact that no project is bereft of the potential risks that can be stumbling block in the completion of the project. Our expert project managers play an important role in identifying, assessing and minimizing the impact of potential risks. Moreover, central to management services are the robust safety measures that we make sure that every team member complies to these measures with a great responsibility. Experience a better project planning & management with us!

Construction Project Management

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Our Recent Projects

Get information about our latest projects on project management related to Construction & Architecture and the latest technology we use in managing the projects. So, we can upgrade your project with our top-notch services.

Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Construction management deals with the management of construction projects including coordinating the contractors, overseeing construction activities, and ensuring the adherence to the regulatory compliances. On the other hand, project management is a vast discipline that encompasses the management of various projects across different sectors.

Construction Management Companies unlock the various benefits involving improved project quality, increased efficiency & productivity, and cost-effective project planning within a prescribed budget and its completion in due time.

A construction project manager is responsible for

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Safety and risk management
  • Budget management and cost control
  • Coordinate with contractors and clients

We specialize in using Building Information Modeling, Scheduling Software like Microsoft Project & Primavera, and different apps for real-time documentation and communication.