FFE and OSE Procurement Services

Bringing Quality & Functionality Together With Delta Gulf Overseas

In the hospitality sector, the quality and functionality of interiors matter the most. Here, Delta Gulf Overseas comes at your disposal. We are the leading provider of FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services across the different sectors by leveraging years of industry-focused knowledge & expertise and cloud-based technologies. Take your living space to the new heights of aesthetic elegance with our top-quality services.
Our experts, adept at hospitality operations, supply chain management, and project-specific purchasing strategies, create solutions and backup plans for Furniture Fixtures and Equipment services. From initial consultation to the final execution of the project, they develop a close working relationship with the clients. They anticipate the challenges, navigate the complexities in design, and leverage their knowledge to ensure your project runs smoothly. With our team, you are not just getting service; you will have a team of veterans by your side, ready to turn your vision into reality.

FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services
FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services
FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services

FFE and OSE Planning and Management

When it comes to planning, designing, procuring, and installing Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Interior Design in hotels, lobbies, working, and living places, no company other than Delta Gulf Overseas can satisfy clients with seamless FF&E and OS&E planning and management under the aegis of professionals.

Design, Development & Planning

From the start, we collaborate with the clients to know about their project goals and work closely with interior designers to ensure FF&E aligns with the vision.

Budget Development & Cost Monitoring

Our experts develop a budget for FF&E and OS&E components and implement cost-control measures to keep the services within budget.


After the finalization of the purchasing policy, our trusted suppliers identify suitable supply sources & manufacturers and negotiate the contracts, ensuring the lead times and delivery schedules.


Our experts work with the leading global networks to implement efficient and effective delivery solutions, ensuring that all procurements arrive on the time without any project delays.

Quality Control & Inspection

We implement quality control measures to confirm that all FF&E and OS&E items meet the specific quality standards and conduct thorough inspections after delivery.

Installation & Handover

Our comprehensive handover services ensure that all the deliverable items are placed & installed to the level of client satisfaction.

Challenges in Procuring Furniture, Equipment & Operational Supplies?

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We Are Serving Across the Multiple Divisions

The expertise of Delta Gulf Overseas is not confined to one sector. We take pride in serving the customers across the multiple divisions of hospitality through our seamless expertise and in-depth knowledge of the experts.

Ensuring Unhindered FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services

Imagine a seamless flow of furniture, fixtures, and equipment gracing your new workspace, alongside the constant stream of operational supplies keeping things running smoothly. That’s the magic of unhindered FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services. We fully acknowledge that in any project, procurement takes a significant importance. Among FF&E Procurement Companies, Delta Gulf Overseas will take this burden off your shoulders, working across the various divisions to ensure every project receives the blend of functionality and style.
Our experts synergize with the clients to establish their purchasing priorities, checking to ensure that the tender terms, warranties, and safety certifications are all met. We do not only deal with procurements, we also understand the importance of quality assurance, carrying out the inspection thoroughly. We carefully vet all the suppliers and choose the partners that can ensure consistency and meet timelines. No matter the sector, our expertise will guarantee well-equipped and efficient spaces.

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FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services

Aesthetic Appeal of Your Living Space with Exceptional FF&E Services

If you are looking for interior items to upgrade the aesthetic look of your residence, what could be a better option than opting for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment?
At Delta Gulf Overseas, all the experts are specialized in the design business enriched with the latest designs and trends.
They also work closely with architects and interior designers to deliver breathtaking designs that reflect the preferences of the clients. Moreover, our procurement team will negotiate, procure, and install the furniture by employing cutting-edge technologies and tools. Hence, due to our top-of-the-quality services, we have emerged as the leading firm among FF&E Companies.
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Operational Excellence with OS&E Services

When it comes to enhancing the functionality of the space, operational supplies, and equipment are the best options.
Here is the catch!
Operational Supplies & Equipment Services are not a DIY task. It demands the guidance of the professionals. Our experienced procurement team will walk you through the whole process with plenty of details and items, ensuring that you have everything that you need for a successful launch. Leveraging our unique hospitality and retail experience, our procurement team will work with you to build your operating supplier and equipment inventory and budget across a myriad of projects.
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FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services
FF&E and OS&E Procurement Services

Why Delta Gulf Overseas is the Timeless Choice of the Clients?

FF&E and OS&E procurement is increasingly a challenging task that requires the guidance and expertise of professionals. This is where Delta Gulf Overseas comes in handy. Being the renowned company among FF&E Companies in Oman, we have a dynamic team of experts backed by years of industry knowledge and expertise in procurement, design, logistics, and project management.
We acknowledge that your project is uncompromising. Our Experts are here to ensure your satisfaction!

Our Latest Projects

Earning the trust of customers without showing any considerable project portfolios is a daunting task. Delta Gulf Overseas is here for you to put your concerns at ease by showing the exceptional expertise of the professionals in the latest FF&E Construction projects. We aim to upgrade the ambiance and style with top-notch designs & services.

FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction
FF&E Construction

Let’s Furnish Your Vision & Craft Your Space With Us!

Worried about how to manage operational supplies and design plans for the interior?
Well, worry not. We are here to wash away your worries with our best services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries?
Let us clear up your confusion with our answers!

Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment services is a discipline in interior design that deals with the sourcing, specification, and design of all moveable products. It also entails the services related to budgeting, scheduling, costing, and procuring like other FF&E Procurement Companies in Oman.

OS&E services stand for Operational Supplies and Equipment. In the hospitality industry, it encompasses all the loose products such as bedding, towels, hairdryers, ironing boards, small kitchen appliances, and cleaning supplies, amongst other items that improve the guest’s stay experience.

FF&E refers to large items like sofas, chairs, tables, beds, headboards, and table lamps to furnish the space. On the contrary, OS&E deals with smaller items necessary for daily operations.

Yes, we also specialize in customizing OS&E services tailored to meet your business-specific needs under the expertise of experts.