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Gone are the days of hand-made and paper drawings of a construction building. With technological advancement, Delta Gulf Overseas has embraced the digital format and emerged as the leading provider of reliable BIM Services. Our BIM experts deliver innovative blueprints for buildings for a better construction experience.

We Offer World-Class BIM Modeling Services At Your Disposal!

As a leading BIM Services provider in Oman, Delta Gulf Overseas specializes in delivering top-of-the-quality BIM Modeling Services, serving the needs of our clients. We have a proven record of delivering high-quality work within the prescribed time and budget. All of our BIM services are tailored to support BIM & MEP consultants, architects, mechanical contractors, owners, and general contractors.
At the heart of our services lies our certified and skilled BIM team which carries out a wide range of services involving drawings & fabrications, 3D Revit BIM modeling, Constructability Review, conversion of 2D to 3D BIM Modeling Services, and clash detection and coordination. Using BIM modeling tools, our experts provide the client with the structural model, site terrain models, and models of the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems along with landscaping modeled in great detail. We give peace of mind to our clients by proving that their construction project is in capable hands.

BIM Services
BIM Services
BIM Services
BIM Services

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Regarding BIM Services, our mission revolves around empowering engineers, contractors, and architects in designing, constructing, and modeling projects. Our attention to detail, cost-effective services, time efficiency, and quality deliverables make us the top choice among the clients.

Certified & Expert BIM Team

Our well-versed BIM team delivers architectural projects through high-quality BIM Modeling Services along with top-end infrastructure.

Cutting Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, integrating the latest tools and software in our Modular BIM Services.

Open Channels of Communication

We foster collaboration and open channels of communication among the different stakeholders involved in the project execution.

No Long Term Commitments

Enjoy the luxury of working in flexible timings with on-time delivery without long-term commitments.

BIM Modeling Services

Architectural BIM Services - Efficient Design, Effective Build

Being the preeminent BIM Architecture Firm in Oman, we excel at providing end-to-end Architectural BIM Services across various sectors. Our team of experienced architect and drafters offer comprehensive Modular BIM Services for all the stages from schematic design to construction documents.
Before undertaking your project, our experts offer Architectural BIM Consulting Services to the clients by consulting with them and understanding their requirements for architecture projects. We offer a wide range of services including illustrative designs, 3D visualization, Design development of elevations and building schemes, circulation details, and information on specific materials. Our experts also take pride in delivering 2D CAD and Revit 3D modeling along with custom site plans. Our unwavering commitment and dedication to delivering projects with accuracy and on time make us the talk of the town! Contact us now to avail of our services.

Design, Visualize, and Collaborate with Our Professional BIM Team Experts

Our dedicated BIM team helps clients to better design and visualize their architecture projects with Architectural BIM Services. With years of experience in construction & building simulation backed by in-depth knowledge of Building Information Modeling, they can upgrade the efficacy and longevity of your project.
Besides digitally designing your building schemes, they can help you verify your BIM outputs through dedicated services encompassing BIM Project Management, BIM Education Services, and Environmental Simulation Services. When it comes to integrating the latest technologies and software into Building Information Modeling domains, our experts’ expertise is above and beyond. Let our experts take care of Architectural BIM Consulting Services and wait for the magic to happen through effective collaboration & quality services.

BIM Modeling Services

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Our Exclusive BIM Services

When it comes to dealing with the digital transformation of your architecture, engineering, and construction projects, we have BIM Solutions for every project under the expertise of the BIM team.

Structural BIM Services

With dedicated structural engineers, we provide Structural BIM Services, covering advanced modeling techniques to interdisciplinary coordination.

BIM Coordination Services

We facilitate 3D Coordination Services using Revit and other standard software, lowering the chances of errors during the construction.

MEP BIM Services

Having years of experience in Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) BIM Services, our experts cover MEP designs, clash detection & Coordination, and drawings.

3D BIM Modeling Services

Be ready to take your project to new heights of perfection and precision with top-notch 3D Modeling Services.

As-Built Documentation

Keep track records of the changes that may have been made to your project during the schematic designing with As-Built Documentation.

Delivering Innovative Blueprints for Modern Buildings!

With technological advancements, the architecture industry has adopted BIM services to create the digital future of buildings; Our team will ensure that you get what you envision for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Building Information Modeling is a 3D model-based tool that provides a digital physical and functional representation of a building and any structural facility.

By availing of BIM services, you can unlock the benefits including precise documentation of the building processes, coordination among different services to avoid conflict, improved construction management and boost the quality of the project by pre-fabrication.

CAD primarily focuses on drawing up floor plans and models of architectural projects. On the other hand, BIM services deal with digital designs and documentation of buildings.

Being a BIM Architecture Firm, our experts employ BIM software to support the architect throughout the design process and to communicate concepts and spatial relationships through 3D simulation.